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Welcome to 3S moto

3S MOTO is a French motorbike club, created by a band of enthusiasts more than 20 years ago. We carry out different types of missions for sporting and charity events

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Medical Mission

We are used to working with doctors and nurses to provide medical cover for different types of events where prompt medical assistance may be needed


Safety / Escort Mission

We can offer a complete and experienced team to provide safety and escort cover for cycling and running events held on public roads and on private sites. All of our motorbikes are equipped with VHF radios and we hold the specific radio icence necessary. We can tailor our solution to your specific needs, contact us to discuss your projects.


Media Mission

As communication & image are now  crucial for working with partners, we are offering you experienced bikers to manage photograph, cameramen, drone...

Based in the South-East of France, we are mobile and can operate anywhere in France.

If you want to know more about our activities, or you want to discuss your project, contact us. 

If you want to see our activities or events we are supporting, you can click on links below:
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